gourmet diner
take away
The take away menu is long and varied.

Some examples are:

  • Creamed salt cod
  • Sardines au gratin with herbs
  • Roast goatfish
  • Scallops cooked with fennel
  • Boiled mantis shrimp
  • Steamed octopus salad with crunchy vegetables
  • Selection of shellfish
  • Cous cous of John Dory with seasonal vegetables
  • Bulgar wheat pancake with sea bass, monk ish and vegetables
  • Lasagne with shrimps and chantrelle
  • Lasagne with creamed cod, garam masala and vegetables
  • Prawn and aubergine bake
  • “Adriatic” lasagna with oriental spices
  • Fillet of bream with pumpkin and capers
  • Fillet of monkfish with sea snails
  • Fillet of sea bass with coconut milk, raisins and pine nuts
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