gourmet diner
take away
For those who want to enjoy something which delights the eye and the palate we suggest a line
of “finger food” to compliment the traditional Venetian snacks (cicchetti), to be accompanied,
of course by an "ombra" of wine.

For example there are:

  • Marinaded mussels
  • A spoonful of tiger shrimp, mascarpone and crème of vegetables
  • Baby octopus in “ Salsa fresca”
  • Cup of yoghurt “Alla Prontopesce” with tiger shrimp
  • Cous cous John Dory
  • Smoked swordfish pastry
  • Mini cone of spicy creamed cod
  • Smoked tuna brioche with artichoke cream and mustard
  • Smoked swordfish brioche, mascarpone and and Puglia tomatoes
  • Cube of squid roe with vegetables
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